The building of a master Mason

Paul Dayus has become the latest member of Goodwill Lodge No 3896 to complete his journey through the degrees of Masonry to be raised faultlessly to the sublime degree of a master Mason by the immediate past master John Horn, who had also conducted Paul’s other two ceremonies on his journey to being a master Mason and requested the pleasure of raising him on the evening.

WM of the lodge Bob Williams (left) congratulates Paul Dayus.

WM of the lodge Bob Williams (left) congratulates Paul Dayus.

After gaining professional qualifications in the construction industry, this led Paul to work both in the UK and offshore. He has also enjoyed a period of employment in the Health Service and working for several large social landlords. With their children now having grown up Paul had a change of career and joined his wife Sheelagh in her business where they owned and managed a number of cafes and deli’s

When asked, why Freemasonry?  Paul replied: “Well, my initial interest in Freemasonry started with my father who was an active member of Lodge of Equity Lodge No 1384 in Widnes. He also had a very busy work life; often being away from home and his advice when I sought it about joining Freemasonry was ‘you have to be fully committed’. I now fully understand what he meant as it has become clear to me in my journey to becoming a master Mason that you only achieve what you put in.”

Paul said that this advice has certainly been prudent in helping him to prepare for the three degrees ceremonies that he has taken part in. He continued by saying: “Goodwill Lodge is a vibrant lodge and our practice evenings, and our lodge meetings certainly provide a platform for some good fun, banter and high level of camaraderie. Whilst socially, both myself and my wife have really enjoyed the friendship and conviviality that our socials and ladies’ evenings offer. I am now looking forward to visiting other lodges in and around Widnes as I want to maximise the opportunities that being a master Mason offers.”

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