David gets a sword.

In recognition of the many years of dedicated service David Redhead has put into the Widnes Group, particularly the last seven years as chairman, the current group chairman Derek Williams approached the lodges and asked for donations towards a gift to show the group’s appreciation and to mark David’s retirement as chairman.

The donations took their time coming in but eventually, after removing the foreign coins and IOU’s there was a grand total of £3.41, so the search was on. When all was in place Derek decided to present the gift to David during a social held by Goodwill Lodge No 3896 in which David is now WM for the third time.

At the appointed time during the social Derek rose and to David’s surprise Derek said, “As a result of his retirement, our past chairman’s busy life slowed considerably and he discovered he has a wife again. Yes David, this unscheduled interlude is about you. David, please come and join me to mark the many years you served this group. What do you give a man who appears to have everything? So I approached Linda for suggestions. After some thought we came to a conclusion and an order was placed and 3 months later the Royal Mail delivered. David, before you jump to the wrong conclusion, it’s not shares in the Royal Mail! David, please accept this sword with the best wishes of the brethren of the Widnes Group.”

David thanked Derek and all the brethren for their generous gift and said, “I have enjoyed my time serving the Widnes Group, I’ve always had a good team and I thank them for their support and hard work. I also thank my wife Linda for her invaluable support and help over the years.”

Derek then had another pleasant task to perform in presenting a bouquet of flowers to Linda Redhead as a thank you from the group for her supporting David over the many years.

 Widnes-David-gets-a-sword-Pic-1Derek Williams presents David Redhead with his sword.


Widnes-David-gets-a-sword-Pic-2 David Redhead with his sword.



Widnes-David-gets-a-sword-Pic-3Pictured from left to right, are: Linda Redhead, David Redhead and Derek Williams.