Dr Robert Lomas visits Victoria Lodge

Secrets explained

The members of Victoria Lodge No 4629 were delighted to have Dr Robert Lomas attend their meeting to give a lecture on ‘The secrets of the First Degree’ and a large number of members from other lodges came along came along to listen to what Robert has to say.

At the start of his lecture Robert said how pleased he was to discuss the first degree with a fellow physicist, Jamie Gibbon, who assisted Robert at various parts in the lecture. He then asked a few general questions to the assembled audience about how we were prepared for the first degree in our minds. Next Robert explained how, once entered into the lodge as an initiate and your journey has started, you begin to learn and trust others and as your journey unfolds you begin to understand the purpose of life.

The lecture was academic at various parts and very humorous at others and a very good explanation was given about how Freemasonry is said to be illuminated by symbols. The explanation was very interesting and enlightening. Robert concluded his lecture by taking some questions for his audience.

This was Robert’s second visit to Widnes and two more are planned. The first is on Friday 27 March 2014 when Dormer Lodge No 4389 will host a lecture on ‘The secrets of the Second Degree’ and on Thursday 2 October 2014 Equity and Appleton Lodge No 1384 will host a lecture on ‘The secrets of the Third Degree’.